"The aim of eurhythmics is to enable pupils at the end of their course to say, not 'I know,' but 'I have experienced,’ and so create in them the desire to express themselves; for the deep impression of an emotion inspires a longing to communicate it…”
- (Jaques-Dalcroze 1921, p. 119)

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Dalcroze Eurhythmics

La rythmique Jaques-Dalcroze

Upcoming Workshops / Events and Membership

  • Session d’automne et session d'hiver - Montreal

    Session d’automne et session d'hiver - Montreal This four-session course will explore the three core subjects of Dalcroze: Eurhythmics, the study of the elements of music through body movements; Solfège, ear training and musical literacy; and Improvisation, spontaneous musical expression using the piano and voice. This course is intended for students new to Dalcroze Eurhythmics, as well as for students with previous experience who would like to review and maintain their skills. This course may be used toward credit hours required for Certification Training in Canada (Foundation Level only). Read More
  • Toronto Annual Fall Workshop

    Toronto Annual Fall Workshop

    Toronto Annual Fall Workshop

    November 2 - 3, 2019
    Canada's National Ballet School

    This workshop is ideal for music educators, professional musicians and dancers.

    Students wishing to pursue Dalcroze Canada’s certification designation may count the workshop toward required credit hours.

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  • 2020 Toronto Intensive Course

    2020 Toronto Intensive Course

    August 3rd to 11th

    Location: Canada’s National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis Street, Toronto

    Teachers: Louise Mathieu, Françoise Lombard, Cheng-Feng Lin, Karin Greenhead, Laetitia Disseix-Berger

    Dalcroze Eurhythmics is an educational approach that treats the human body as the primary instrument of musical instruction.

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  • The 4th International Conference of Dalcroze Studies (ICDS4)

    The Listening Body in Action
    Sunday, July 28 - Friday, August 2, 2019

    Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music, Katowice, Poland

    Keynotes (confirmed):
    Professor Wayne Bowman (Professor of Music and Music Education (retired), BrandonUniversity, Canada)
    Professor Liora Bresler (Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Illinois atUrbana, Champaign, USA)
    Dr Andrea Schiavio (Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Systematic Musicology, University ofGraz, Austria; Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Music, University of Sheffield, UK)
    Jacqueline Vann, Diplôme Supérieur Jaques-Dalcroze (UK)

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  • Annual Membership

    Annual Membership

    JOIN US! We would like to welcome you to become a member of Dalcroze Canada.

    Membership includes:
    • Discounts on workshops and Certification courses
    • A subscription to BEING MUSIC, the Dalcroze Canada journal
    • “SUNDAYS at 2” informal members gathering – Free for members

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